Dom Daher

Dominique Daher captures all the action and keeps it safe on reliable, high-capacity SanDisk memory cards.



Dom Daher

SanDisk Extreme Team Member

Although Dom Daher was raised near the sea, he always loved skiing. He was a photo editor before he was a photographer, but he soon honed his photography craft photographing big events like the World Cup of Skiing and the Freeride World Tour. He has worked with great brands including Red Bull, Swatch, Oakley, The North Face, and Audi. Today he’s focusing on sharping his craft in other extreme sports.



Can't Miss

The content of Dominique's camera case depends on the job at hand. Generally, he has two Canon cameras (a 1DMK3 and a 5DMK2) and multiple lenses. He stresses the importance of good memory cards, believing the speed and capacity of the card is vital, especially when taking action shots. Photographers simply cannot afford to miss a shot because their memory card is full or the buffer was overloaded. Because losing or destroying an image is the worst thing that can happen, Dominique always travels with two copies of his photos and in two different places.

Dom Trusts SanDisk

If he could, he would store all of his pictures on his SanDisk Extreme® memory cards since they provide the most stable storage mechanism. It's for this reason that he re-uses his oldest cards as storage devices.

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