Capturing life in the polar regions



SanDisk Extreme Team Member Daisy Gilardini

Daisy Gilardini

SanDisk Extreme Team Member

Daisy Gilardini (www.daisygilardini.com) started taking photography seriously during her first trip to India in 1989 and since then has visited more than 65 countries with camera in hand. She fell in love with Antarctica during her first trip there in 1997 and since then has spent most of her time photographing the Polar Regions.



Daisy The Globe Trotter

Daisy's images have been published internationally in leading magazines and organizations, such as National Geographic, Smithsonian, BBC Wildlife, Nature's Best, Audubon, The Telegraph, Outdoor Photography, Greenpeace, World Wildlife Fund, among many others. Her work received awards at the most prestigious international photo contests such as the "IPA International Photography Award", "BBC Wildlife photographer of the year", "Photography Master Award", "Travel Photography of the Year" and "Nature's Best".

Respect, Preserve & Educate

Her passion for the natural world has grown into a lifelong commitment to disseminate conservation messages and inspire others to respect and preserve our fragile planet. She strongly believes in the education of younger generations, impressionable minds that will one day become the decision-makers of the future. Daisy uses SanDisk Extreme® cards to capture life in the most extreme environments on the planet.

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