Open Source is Acclerating Flash

We believe that open source is the lifeblood of innovation in the new datacenter and for cloud architectures, rapid innovation & transformed IT.


To open source  and open standards through open source based innovation, contributions and memberships in consortia that support and nurture rapid innovation.


Our Open Source work is guided by our desire to:

  • Stay mainlined - Contribute changes that can benefit others and are not SanDisk specific
  • Add enterprise grade value in performance, QoS and usability to improve user experience
  • Flash optimize - As the world’s leader in Flash and NVM technology, provide guidance and engage in initiatives to improve how software works with flash




SanDisk is a member of the Linux Foundation and the Open Stack Foundation. These partnerships support the power of collaboration in problem solving and creating inter-operability of solutions. Open Source innovation is at the forefront in many areas of technology, including cloud and web scale architectures. We are committed to making the use of flash technology compelling and continuing to perform at the highest levels.



Our Goal:
Better Software Everywhere

Our open source philosophy is guided by three principles:


Contribute technology and ideas to the open source community that can benefit others and are not SanDisk specific.


Add enterprise-grade performance, QoS and usability to improve the user experience when using related software.

Guide and Engage

As a leader in flash and NVM, provide guidance and engage in initiatives to improve the way software works with flash.


Improving Ceph for Big Data

Ceph is a distributed object store-and-file system designed to provide excellent performance, reliability and scalability. It is an Open Source project that has garnered momentum and support in large-scalable web and enterprise deployments. SanDisk’s InfiniFlash OS is based on Ceph and we are an active contributor to the Ceph base and community. Our contributions are in the area of making Ceph flash-optimized and ready for large flash deployments.



Open Stack for a Better Cloud

Open Stack creates software that controls large pools of compute, storage, and networking resources throughout a data center, managed through a dashboard or via the Open Stack API. 

A Dedicated Partner

SanDisk is a member of the Linux Foundation and the Open Stack Foundation and also serves as a sponsor of the Open Compute Project. We collaborate extensively with ISVs, channel partners and OEMs to bring the best out of flash through open source technology.

Open Source for Mobile, Other Markets

We also contribute technology to:

  • SCST, a GPL-licensed SCSI target software stack that is maintained by SanDisk developers.

  • The Linux kernel for memory management and file system to enable better performance with flash.

  • Enterprise applications like Cassandra, MySQL, Hadoop and others to optimize them for use with SanDisk flash technology.
  • The Android™ operating system stack for mobile devices.

  • Benchmarks like IoZone.

  • The Android Real Path Storage library, an Apache licensed project maintained by SanDisk.It enables application developers to use external memory like SD™ cards in their Android applications.


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