SanDisk ION Accelerator Software

Delivers game-changing performance for your most demanding database applications. Offers highly available shared storage with performance optimization.

Speed and Stability

SanDisk ION Accelerator software links two to eight Fusion ioMemory™ PCIe cards into a single virtual unit to provide leading performance, redundancy and high availability. 

Write Once, Replicate Automatically

Every write to a Fusion ioMemory PCIe device linked by SanDisk ION Accelerator software is synchronously replicated across clustered nodes. Data is protected from component failures or catastrophic failures of a single node. 

Don’t Let Your Database Down 

SanDisk ION Accelerator enables top database applications to run at the highest levels of performance. For application environments ranging from OLTP to OLAP and from In-Memory to NoSQL, the SanDisk ION software delivers unmatched acceleration.

Software for Scaling

SanDisk ION Accelerator relieves performance bottlenecks for OLTP databases while providing operational efficiencies. By transforming server-side Fusion ioMemory PCIe cards into all-flash shared storage, SanDisk ION Accelerator delivers low latency performance acceleration that enables more concurrent users, quicker response times, and faster batch processing and reporting.

Sun Media Beats the Deadline with ION. See how Canada’s Sun Media avoided a $350,000 SAN upgrade, cut application tuning by 90% and accelerated the delivery of real-time news to over 200 news sites with SanDisk ION software and Fusion ioMemory PCIe solutions.



I/O Connectivity Up to 8 Ports Up to 4 Ports
Simultaneous PCIe Lanes 128 64
Capacity1 12.8TB, 25.6TB, 51.2TB
Fibre Channel InfiniBand iSCSI2 16Gb and 8Gb
56Gb/FDR and 40Gb/QDR
40Gb and 10Gb
Management (http interface) Fusion ioSphere™ GUI, CLI, SNMP, SMI-S
Hardware Availability RAID 0/1/5/10 for Fusion ioMemory devices
Flash Reliability SanDisk Adaptive Flashback
Power3 500 to 1000 maximum range
Environmental3 Operating Temperature: 0° to 55°C
Non-operating Temperature: -40° to 70°C
Airflow (LFM) 300
%Non-condensing Humidity: 5% – 95
Operational Altitude: -1,000 – 10,000
Non-operational Altitude: -1,000 – 30,000
Offerings 7 day x 24 hour phone support available
Initiator Operating Systems4 Microsoft Windows Server; Oracle Linux, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Solaris, SUSE Enterprise Linux Server; VMware ESXi, Microsoft Windows Server Hyper-V, Oracle VM; AIX, HP-UX


1. Varies based on server platform.

2. Contact your sales representative to determine the Operating Systems support for FC, IB, iSCSI as defined in the Compatibility Guide.

3. Based on Fusion ioMemory PCIe specifications. Power consumption varies by server chassis, number of CPUs and number of ioMemory devices

4. Contact your sales representative to determine the Operating Systems support for FC, IB, iSCSI as defined in the Compatibility Guide.


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